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Optical illusions and the view from space

Take a good look at the photo below. Shot from a satellite, it shows a section of the Grand Canyon, with the dark ribbon of the Colorado River winding through it. Notice anything “off” about the image? Especially in the upper portion and in the area of the big hairpin turn at lower right?

nanedivallis_comp copy
Google Earth image courtesy Sonny Harman

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See your research photo in Research|Penn State!

We are looking for superb research-related photos to run as our “At Large” feature in Research|Penn State magazine. As you can see from the two examples here, each photo fills a full two-page spread, is visually compelling, and will be accompanied by a very short description of how the image relates to research being done by a Penn State scientist or student. (We’ll write the description, with help from you.) You can see these images in print on pages 8-9 of our spring and fall 2014 issues, which are available around campus. Give me a call if you can’t find one.

Here are the specs:

• Images must be strong horizontals so one shot can completely fill a two-page spread.
• Images must relate to research being conducted by someone at Penn State.
• Images can be scenics, close-ups, or micrographs. They can be realistic or abstract (a patterned structure, for example), color or black & white. Archival shots will also be considered.
• We do not use portraits. When we use a shot with a person in it, the person is small within the frame.
• Images must be available at high resolution.

Please send your photos to me, Cherie Winner, at clw43@psu.edu. Lo-res versions are fine at this stage. If we select your image, we’ll ask for the hi-res version. Deadline for submission is Friday, Jan. 16, 2015. For more information, use the contact form below or call me at 3-4750.

At Large, Fall 2014

At Large, Spring 2014

The Big Blue and White World

The 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry memorial at Gettysburg.
The 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry memorial at Gettysburg. (Photo by William Ames)

I’ve heard anecdotal evidence about how big the Penn State network is.

For instance, there’s a rumor that if you yell, “We Are!” in a crowded LAX airport, someone will invariably yell back, “Penn State.” I have never tried this. I’ve seen the scowls and piercing stares on some of those Transportation Security Administration agents, so I don’t intend to test this theory anytime soon.

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