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Why the UK’s Brexit vote should matter to Americans

By Terrence Guay

On June 23, citizens of the United Kingdom will go to the polls to vote on whether their country will remain a member of the European Union. While the outcome will have the greatest impact on residents of Europe, it will also affect the U.S. as well.

And with the latest polls putting the “leave” campaign ahead of those for remaining in the EU, it’s essential that Americans understand just what’s at stake if a “Brexit” were to occur — and why we’re having this debate in the first place.

As a scholar of international business who views European integration as a successful, albeit messy, experiment in peace-building, I appreciate the frustration many in the U.K. have with the way the EU sometimes operates. But is that enough to justify leaving it?

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Fast & curious: what drives fast-growing firms?

It might be a common assumption that high-growth companies are largely based in Silicon Valley. But Penn State economist Stephan Goetz says that’s not so. In a study of Inc. Magazine’s list of 5,000 high-growth companies, Goetz and colleagues discovered that “these firms are found in many different sectors, not just in the high tech space, and … these companies are found across the United States.”

In this case, “high growth” refers to revenue, which in turn measures the expansion of operation and improvement in efficiency. For more about this study, visit the Penn State News site to read the story by Matt Swayne.